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Lesley Alexander grew up in Tolland, Connecticut. She has received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2007 from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. The majority of her work is graphite drawings and acrylic paintings.ᅠ Lesley has had a vast amount of clients with a broad subject matter but her passion has always been equine.


Lesley has been involved with horses her entire life. She is inspired by their majestic beauty and gracefulness. She has been drawing horses ever since she could pick up a pencil and riding ever since she convinced her parents as a little girl to get her a pony for her birthday. Being around horses and studying them has helped her to understand and capture their beauty in their conformation to the personality in their eyes.


Even though horses are her true passion she puts the same amount of detail and ambition into all her other subjects. ᅠ She continues to look for new challenges to strengthen her artist style

Showing Zip It Good at NEPTHA horse show
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